26 years old
I speak English, Spanish, French, Italian

Hey, I'm Katherine! I LOVE meeting new people and having fun! I Love chatting on pretty much all subjects possible . One day you may catch me talking about My Dreams & Stars, While another day you may catch me talking about how I Like To Be...LOVED Hard (Passionately &Often). That hits a soft Spot, always! I'm a Hopeless Romantic with a Sexy Dirty Brilliant Mind. Weird combo of cards I was given, I know.. People usually have a hard time understanding Polarity. I freely admit that I'm Both Light & Darkness! :)I Love Myself as a whole and I believe you should do the same. I'm full of Knowledge, Emotions and Charm. Reason why I'm strong on the belief that you should start Adoring me fast. If you become a regular, you should know that I LIKE when I get the chance to know you better, on a personal level. Become one of my virtual friends who make my days go from "good" to "FANTASTIC". Just do it! *In PRIVATE CHAT: We can have a bit more privacy, while you can still enjoy My Company & a Sexy Soft Show. What I do here, depends on how many people there are into the room, their engagement, support & specifics. *Into The VIP Chat: Well, here my attention is FULLY Yours . I LOVE VIP SESSIONS because I can Focus on YOU only and it makes the experience feel much more intimate and authentic . Here I can also make pretty much all your desires come true. So please feel comfortable to communicate them with me. I don't read minds..Yet.. We can either chat in intimacy, or I can offer you a much more Explicit Hot Show . Here we can go Wild ! I must say that I adore men who love to spoil, please, arouse and tease me untill Climax. It's Jackpot if He's a Gentleman in Public, but He knows how to communicate his sexy naughty thoughts, while making my toy vibrate too. OMG! I may start falling in love... Stay away, I have enough on my mind already:) Just kidding.. Come back! Love me baby ! I'm ready! :)) )

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